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ArinaBB creates paintings, performances, installations and mixed media artworks, but she is also a pioneer in the metaverse, the realm of digital art and NFTs. She has been working to build bridges between the traditional, digital and the AI, with some of her NFTs that are linked to physical paintings. 

After discovering NFTs in 2020, Arina began selling digital versions of her work and reaching a new audience of collectors online. Her most popular collection, ManManLaiZzz, is an ongoing series of oil and acrylic-based portraits that also live as NFTs on the blockchain. The series is expected to take 7 years to complete. She has launched La La LandZzz, a purely digital collection of 1/1 pieces, another ongoing series that will continue to grow as time passes. The most recent collection is Playing Chess ArinaBBxAI  collection began with a hand-painted acrylic piece on canvas that Arina ran through AI to create 420 variations, each a different reflection of me playing chess with individual collectors. Each one of these variations is a unique 1/1. 

Her work in the NFT space has been recognized in publications like Forbes, FortuneRolling Stone Magazines, and has led to partnerships with international brands like L'Oréal Paris, RED, ConsenSys, Pandaw. She is also a TIMEpieces artist. Her work has been purchased by many high profile collectors, including Mike Tyson, Keith Grossman, DeeZe, Farokh and many more.

 Arina has also become a collector herself, supporting other artists and participating in some of the most active NFT communities. She has also developed a large and dedicated following on Twitter, TikTok and Discord. In addition to her artistic work, she has also been using her platform to be a positive force in the NFT industry.

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