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International Women’s Day - Break the Bias


The inspiration behind this artwork was capturing the feeling of breaking down biases. Destroying biases is about empowerment, and “Bravery” exudes it. Two characters with entirely different backgrounds, coming together to walk towards the same bright future. The power emerges from feeling your world expand as you destroy old assumptions and are rewarded with new allies and a bigger worldview. The flowers represent the capability to emerge solid and beautiful from past hardships. That’s the thing about flowers: they can bloom from even the smallest crack in the concrete. They remind me of how I see females: constantly tumbling obstacles—staying strong yet maintaining a sensual delicateness at the same time. It is an inspiring combination I see in all the women who work selflessly every day to build a better world for themselves and future generations

IMAGE 2022-04-20 10_03_33.jpg
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